Following The Hand Picked Hotels acquisition of the Bailbrook property which had from its previous owners gained planning permission for a substantial remodelling / refurbishment ASD were awarded the contract to immediately set upon a 9 month refurbishment programme. Which incurred a total spend of in excess of £10 million. The hotel due to its scale had to be divided into three large sections being headed up by a project team who had sectional foreman reporting back, having in excess of 150 tradespersons per day under their direction. The Grade II listed Manor House went through a complete revamp bring back the original beauty of the building whilst remodelling it from a conference centre into a 13 suite luxurious hotel with fine dining restaurant, meeting facilities, bar lounges and public areas. The bedroom block again undertook a complete remodelling in three separate phases allowing the hotel to continue its trade producing a 89 bedroom / bathroom bespoke block with new lifts external alterations including reglazing to bring the building to another level. The conference centre housed a temporary reception allowing the hotel to maintain its trade whilst the buildings were completely renovated. As with the others, full mechanical and electrical installations enlarged gas and electric services were introduced for its increased capacity, major structural works linked the buildings together. New kitchens, state of the art meeting facilities, restaurant and function rooms along with the associated facilities required were introduced into this once tired facility. The end product is one for all to be proud and is widely shown upon the Hand Picked Hotels website.